School of Communication Distributes Food Boxes to the Needy

By Lana Shakh and Lavishya Ratti

Recently, School of Communication students taking the Event Management subject were given an assignment to organise a public event. They decided to use the platform to help those who needed it the most, reaching out to their fellow man.

In their own words, here are their experiences.

When we first learned of the assignment, we know we wanted to do something to help those in need. So many people have been impacted by the knock-on effects of COVID-19 and the resulting movement restrictions.

At the same time, we knew we needed to keep things simple and effective. People need food on the table, so we knew what we had to do—distribute family boxes of food. The Care for Needy cause had begun.

Firstly, we needed to harness the charitable kindness of the QIU family. We asked staff and students to donate food items and cash. The latter would be used to purchase the provisions.

We expected an outpouring of support, and we weren’t disappointed.

On October 9, Ms Noor Zuleika Zulkipli (Advisor), Thavaganesh (Project Manager) and Jane (Logistics Manager) gave out 40 family boxes of dry provisions to recipients from two areas.

The recipients came from Rumah Pangsa Taman Harmoni Buntong, Ipoh and Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil Kerajaan Ipoh.

During the distribution of family boxes, the beneficiaries were grouped into M1, M2 and B40 categories and were divided according to their monthly salary which ranged between RM 500 to RM 1500. Strict Standard Operating Procedures were strictly observed throughout the event as only five beneficiaries could enter the hall at a time.

The recipients were overjoyed to receive the family boxes, as they had been struggling to put food on the table during the Movement Control Orders. Their gratitude was truly humbling, and it was amazing to bond with the beneficiaries.

We were able to make a small, but meaningful impact on the lives of people who needed help in this trying time.

And our success meant so much more because of the support from the QIU family. 

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