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Course Enquiries

Call or WhatsApp our Student Recruitment Division : +019-830 0881

Message from the Council Chairman

QIU Council Chairman Dato Sri Dr Vijay Eswaran discusses the value of grit and the meaning behind the inspiring words “Arise, Awake, Achieve”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How much do you need to score to get a First Class degree? How do you qualify for a Dean’s List award?

Dean’s List

A student who achieves a GPA of 3.75 and above in a semester and fulfils the following conditions shall be placed on the Dean’s List:

  1. Had taken and sat for examinations that accounted for not less than 12 credit hours in the long semester and not less than 5 credit hours in the short semester. (Credit hours for MPU courses are taken into calculation of total credit hours taken.)
  2. Did not obtain a grade less than C- for any course taken in the said semester.
  3. Did not repeat any course in the semester.

Students who are placed on the Dean’s List will be awarded a certificate each, in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement for that particular semester.

Conferment of Award upon Completing Studies

The class of award conferred to students is based on the final CGPA obtained as indicated:

Class of HonoursCGPA
First Class3.75 – 4.00
Second Upper3.00 – 3.74
Second Lower2.30 – 2.99
Third Class2.00 – 2.29

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

A Distinction* is awarded to a student with total average marks of 80% and above in each Professional Examination.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) 

Class of Honours CGPA
Distinction*3.75 – 4.00

Master of Business Administration, Master of Education & Doctor of Business Administration 

Class of HonoursCGPA
Distinction*3.75 – 4.00

*A Distinction is equivalent to First Class Honours


A student must have at least 90% attendance in lectures/ tutorials/ practicals.


Should a student be deficient in practical skills, he/she will be required to undergo additional training/remedial work as prescribed by the Dean of the Faculty.


If the fees due for any particular semester are not paid by the end of the second last week of the semester, the student will incur financial barring for assessments, i.e. the student will NOT be permitted to sit for the final examination.


Appeals against the barring may be submitted to the Dean of the Faculty for due consideration. Successful appeals will be subjected to a quantum of payment, as approved by the Bursar.


Examination results will only be released upon full payment of fees.


Late penalty charges will be charged for penalty delays as follows:

  1. If payment is made only 21 days after the commencement of classes for the semester – a penalty of RM50.00 will be imposed.
  1. If payment is made only 30 days after the commencement of classes for the semester – a penalty of RM100.00 will be imposed.
  1. If the student is terminated from the University due to non-payment of fees, the full student’s candidature will only be reinstated after the full outstanding fee is paid together with a late penalty of RM 200.00.
  1. PTPTN
  1. What should I prepare?
    • Savings Account MUST be opened under the student name at Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

      NOTE :
      Here’s where you can fill out the personal information details needed to open an account. https://vao.bankislam.com.my.
      Once you have completed this the bank you have chosen in the link will contact
    • Kindly bring your original Identification Card (I/C) and your University Offer Letter when you go to the bank
    • Savings account must be opened at Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad If you have already opened a savings account at Bank Islam previously you can use that account, however please ensure that the account is active.
    • SSPN Account & BSN PIN NO

For your information, SSPN account can be opened at the nearest PTPTN office ,  online or via the officer incharge of QIU at PTPTN

The following are the required documents for the purpose of registering for SSPN account at PTPTN office :

      1. Student I / C copy
      2. Mother / father OR guardian I/C copy
      3. Student phone number
      4. Student residence address
      5. Student email address


    • Students can submit a copy of their I/C by taking a photo of the card and contacting PTPTN Officers via Whatsapp. The contact details of the PTPTN Officer are as follows:


CONTACT MOBILE NO : 0135315871

EMAIL ADDRESS: norasmah@ptptn.gov.my


The following is also a link to purchase your PTPTN PIN number online:


P/S: Keep in mind, students can only purchase their PTPTN PIN number at BSN after enrolling in an SSPN Account Opening. Should you have any Inquiries & problems please contact PTPTN Officer above. Opening the SSPN account will be RM 20.00 & BSN Pin No is RM5.00

  1. How do I apply for it online?
    1. Set up your Bank Islam and SSPN accounts, and purchase a BSN PIN
    2. Follow a step-by-step guide in this PDF.
  1. Will I get the full loan from PTPTN?

The Eligibility is determined based on the financing rate below:

Financing RateEligibility
MaximumIf the student or guardian of student is listed as a recipient Of 1 Malaysia (BR1M)
75% of the maximum financeFamily income does not exceed the RM8,000 (there is no data in the BR1M)
50% of the maximum finance

Family income exceeds the RM8, 000

(there is no data in the BR1M)

  1. I am applying for external scholarships to aid my studies. Who do I see to get documents verified?

You may contact the Student Life Division (sld@qiu.edu.my) to have your documents verified.

  • When should I settle my tuition fee?
    All fees (net of PTPTN and other sponsors) must be paid fully within 14 days from the date of invoice.
  • When should I settle my hostel fee?
    Hostel fee must be paid by the 14th of the following month.
  • Where do I check the outstanding balance of my tuition fee?
    You can do so by logging onto the Student Portal. www.qiu.edu.my/registration
    Step 1: Expand the taskbar on the upper left of the main page
    Step 2: Click on the financial statement to view the statement of account
  • How long is the refund process usually?
    To receive a refund due to withdrawal from programme, quitting or upon graduation, students must comply with the withdrawal procedures and application must be approved by the relevant departments.
  • My parents wish to withdraw a portion of their EPF Savings for my tuition fee. How do I go about doing it?
    You may email the Student Admissions and Records Division (sard@qiu.edu.my) to request for an EPF withdrawal form and other supporting documents to be prepared for submission to KWSP by the student.
  • How can I pay my fees?
    Methods of payment:
    1. Online Banking
    2. Cash deposit
    3. Cheque
    4. Telegraphic Transfer
    5. Credit Card

Proof of payment must be emailed to fad@qiu.edu.my there after.

Read more about the financial guidelines here Finance and Accounts Division.pdf


  • I wish to pay my fees via credit card, what do I do?
    If you wish to make payment via credit card, please email fad@qiu.edu.my
    We will guide you accordingly on the payment process.
  1. I need access to journals and books. Does QIU’s library provide access to these resources online?
    Yes, this is the portal: https://my.openathens.net/
  2. Is there any username and password for the databases?
    No. You will need to login using your QIU email to access the library portal.
    You just need to log-in to QIU email and log to the library portal.
  3. I need help. Can I speak to someone?
    Please contact Mr. Mohd Fazli or Ms. Zaida at library@qiu.edu.my.

What is CCA and why do I have to gather the hours?

Co-curricular Activities (CCA) hours are designed to holistically create well-rounded graduates who excel inside and outside the classroom. You’ll need to gather a set amount of CCA points/hours to graduate.

Where do I find out about the activities?

There are several platforms where the activities are promoted. Follow us on social media and our official Telegram channel so you don’t miss out. 

  1. QIU’s official Telegram channel: CLICK HERE

  2. QSRC’s Instagram: CLICK HERE

  3. QIU Student Life Instagram: CLICK HERE

OR stay abreast of the announcements on your WhatsApp groups set up by your programme coordinators or the Student Life Division.

Read more about QIU’s CCA Policy here: 

QIU CCA Policy 2023.pdf

  1. Where can I get the semester calendar?
     Academic Calendar.pdf
  2. Where do I check my class timetable?
    Please reach out to your programme coordinator.
  1. Where can I check my results?
    You are able to check it in your student portal, under the Exam Result Module.
  2. When are the results usually released?
    Results will normally be released before the new semester commences.
  3. What do the different student statuses mean?


    • Students who have registered and attended registration day .Once the students have done the necessary process to register as a student, student status will be ACTIVE.
    • Students who come after Registration Day will be required to directly report at SARD to activate their status of study (Late comers are allowed to register within 2 weeks after class start date).


    • Students who wish to change programmes after registration must be done within 1 week after Registration Day.
    • Students must consult Faculty, Finance Division & SARD ( Financial Aid) before making an application to change programme
    • Change of Programme Form can be obtained from the Faculty / Center Office/ SARD
    • Upon completing the form and receiving approval from SARD/ Center/ Faculty/Finance/ and other relevant division students will be allowed to change the programme of study.
    • Note: Change of programme may have financial implications.


    • Students who decide to defer the current semester to the next semester while in the course of study must inform the respective Center/ Faculty.
    • Students must then come to SARD to complete the deferment form.
    • Once the deferment of study is approved by the respective Center/ Faculty and the Finance Division, students must submit the completed form to SARD.
    • SARD then will issue a letter to inform the student of the date to register for the next semester based on the approval from Center/ Faculty.
    • Note: Deferment of study may have financial implications.


    • Students who do not attend classes as scheduled with no valid reason.
    • Faculty will inform SARD of students “missing” from classes as scheduled.
    • A letter will be sent to the student to verify the status of study.
    • No reply from student with 14 working days, QUIT letter will be sent to student.
    • Note: Students may have financial implications for not attending classes as scheduled.


    • Students who decide to quit form study on their own accord, during study period.
    • Student must fill up  the “QUIT FORM” available at SARD Office
    • Only when the Completed Form is returned the QUIT process is effective.
    • Quit Acceptance Letter will be sent to students whose Quit Application Form has been accepted.
    • Note: Students may have financial implications when quitting from studies, therefore please ensure to check with the Finance Division on outstanding refunds (if any).


    • Termination of study is applicable for students who have academic /discipline misconduct.
    • Terminated students will be informed in writing through a formal letter.


    • All students who have completed study must complete the “Graduation Form”. Student who have completed / graduated must make the necessary clearance at the end of programme Completion.
    • “Graduation Form” is to be collected form SARD office.
    • Completed Form is to be returned with the ID Card to SARD Office. Student who do not return the ID / have lost the ID Cards during the clearance process will be imposed a fine of RM 50.00.
  1. Why can’t I view my results and register for the following semester?
    You need to check your fee statement for any outstanding fee. All current outstanding fees must be settled so you have clearance to access your results.
  2. How do I obtain the Semester Result Slip?
    Students can send an email to exam@qiu.edu.my to request for a softcopy of the Semester Result Slip.
  3. How do I obtain my Completion Letter/Document?
    Students who have completed their studies must complete the “Graduation Form” which can be obtained from the SARD office or by emailing sard@qiu.edu.my.
  1. I wish to stay in the QIU hostel. How do I apply for it?
    Please contact/WhatsApp the person in charge Mr. Gopi Naidu 011-11144492 (Student Housing Unit).
  2. I wish to move out from the QIU hostel. Who do I speak to?
    Student Housing Unit – Mr. Gopi Naidu (011-11144492)
  3. I would like to read more about the hostel rules and regulations. Where can I view them?
    Hostel Rules and Regulations
  1. I am logged out of my Student Email. Can someone help me?
    Due to confidentiality, we advise that you try recovering using the “forget password” option. However, you can reach ICT for help using the following methods:


    http://bit.ly/ICT-Online-Helpdesk (WhatsApp) (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm)

  2. Where do I get all the important details about my student status?
    www.qiu.edu.my/registrationRead more about it here:
    ICT Division QIU Student Access
    ICT Division QIU Student Access (China students only)
  3. How do I use eQIU for my learning?
    First Time Login:
    How to Enrol Into A Course:
    For more information, you can contact the eQIU team at eqiu@qiu.edu.my.
  • How am I covered in the student insurance policy I’ve purchased?
    Insurance AIA-Employee Medical & Procedures Handbook-Plan 120 (Student).pdf

  • I am not given a card for the AIA Medical Insurance policy I have purchased. How am I to track the validity of my coverage?
    e-Cards are issued in replacement of the physical cards. You can do so by activating your account in the AIA mobile App.
    This is a step-by-step guide: Portal Registration & Mobile App 2019.pdf

  • I have my own medical insurance policy purchased prior to commencing a new academic year. Can I opt out from purchasing the AIA Medical Insurance?
    You may apply for Insurance withdrawal by submitting the required documents to the Student Life Division (sld@qiup.edu.my) or the Student Recruitment Division (srd@qiup.edu.my). The eligibility of withdrawal is subject to the coverage sufficiency of your existing policy.

    Here is the list of required documents:

    • A filled up “QIU Insurance Withdrawal Form”
      Withdrawal from University Insurance Policy -.doc
    • A copy of Student’s I.C.
    • A copy of Medical Card
    • A copy of the front page of the policy
    • A copy of the latest statement OR latest payment slip
      A copy of Parent’s IC

Orientation Resources

Orientation is a lot of fun and excitement, but it can be a lot to take in! If you missed any information during your orientation, don't worry because all the materials are right here for your easy reference.

Contact any of our helpful staff at the Student Life Division if you need further clarification.

*Students need to login with their university email to be able to access these resources

Student Services

Enhanced Academic Support (EASY)

Need some extra help to understand your lecturers, tutorials or practical sessions? Feeling unprepared ahead of your assessment?

Our Enhanced Academic Support (EASY) is here to help whenever you need it—free of charge!
ProgrammesIntakesLast Day of Application
All Foundation programmes All diploma programmes (unless listed below) & All Bachelor’s Degree programme (unless listed below)

15 April 

21 April

1 July 

14 July
12 October26 October
Bachelor Of Medicine & Bachelor Of Surgery (MBBS)13 May 26 May
12 October26 October
Bachelor Of Pharmacy12 October26 October
Master of Business Administration

20 February




20 February




Master of TESL and Master of Education


PhD in Business Administration, PhD in Science, Master of Science, Master of Science (Medical Microbiology)


Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)January, April, July, September 


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