Knowledge, the eternal Quest...

"We believe that planting the seeds of curiosity in students from the outset will inspire them to make knowledge-seeking their quest in life."

When Quest International University (QIU) was launched in 2011, we had a goal in mind of being more than a degree mill.

Any university can provide its graduates with a degree and an education. But we’re here to produce graduates who change the game. Innovators who leave a legacy in their creations. Leaders who push for positive change. And above all, to produce good people—caring, responsible, respectable individuals who care for their fellow man and the world around them. They are the QIU legacy.

We have made our home in the beautiful state of Perak. Click here to see how we teach, our programmes and our facilities. Or just chat with us.


The University aspires to be a model research-led private university with global strategic linkages oriented to deliver quality programmes and interdisciplinary research of international standing.


  • To offer cutting-edge, market-driven undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the Medical and Allied Health Sciences, Pure and Applied Sciences, Engineering, Computer Technology, Business and Management, and Social Sciences fields that impact the local and global knowledge-economy.
  • To promote research and innovation in frontier disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas of study in its various programmes with collaborative links to premier universities and centres of excellence.
  • To promote student-centred learning and impart holistic education through extracurricular activities and soft skills training, including clinical/industrial exposure and technopreneurship training.
  • To be an outward-looking university that works closely with all segments of community and industry and thereby serve as a geographical focal point for socio-economic development of the State.

The QIU experience is centred around our unique brand of experiential learning, across Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Postgraduate and professional education programmes. From medicine to mechatronics engineering, pharmacy to psychology, or advertising to accounting, we believe that we’ve got the education pathway you need to achieve your dreams. 

We’ve made our home in Ipoh, the capital of the beautiful northern Malaysian state of Perak. We’re proud to do our part to make our home a better place, in the shape of numerous partnerships and collaborations with the communities and corporate entities that have made Ipoh what it is today


We’re constantly working with our local and international partners in academia and industry to ensure that our education remains at the cutting edge. We work with them to get the lowdown on the latest innovations in the industry, so we can provide them with graduates who are prepared to make an immediate impact in the job market.


Our students’ growth and success will always be the driving force in what we do. That’s why one of our core beliefs is to make sure that none of our students get left behind. Everyone has a unique educational journey with their own unique challenges. Regardless of the challenges you face along the way, our duty is to make sure that you reach your goal.


Our inclusive education policy means that we’ll go above and beyond to get you where want to go. That includes assisting you once you’ve graduated from QIU. Our Career Services division will be there to help you find the job placement you want by making you the best potential hire you can be. Once QIU, always QIU.