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Fully Accredited – MQA/FA/3618

Pharmacy is an evolving profession with a major shift towards patient care, where the pharmacist’s role is in pharmacotherapy and the ensuring of the achievement of therapeutic end-points. We at QIU envision our graduates to be prepared for pharmacy practice in the industry, which includes pharmaceutical quality assurance, community pharmacy, research and development of drugs and  pharmacy management.

The Bachelor of Pharmacy programme at (QIU) has been fully accredited for the maximum five-year period by the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.

During this accreditation, we excelled in 10 areas of good practice, including Vision, Mission and Goals; Curriculum Design and Delivery; Educational Programme; Student Selection and Student Support Services; Teaching and Academic staff; Educational Resources; Programme Monitoring and Review; Leadership; Governance and Administration; Total Continuous Quality Improvement; and Self-critique and Outcome Measures.

Our innovative programme infuses real-world experience from Year 1 of the programme, unlike traditional programmes where exposure to practice aspects come in the later years of the programme. This experiential learning covers the three main tenets of pharmacy practice – clinical pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, and community pharmacy.

Pharmacists working in hospitals and clinical environments interact with medical doctors and see the same patients as their medical counterparts. In line with this, Pharmacy students in QIU take basic medical science courses i.e. anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, microbiology and immunology conducted by experts from the Faculty of Medicine- which are the same courses taken by QIU’s medical students

Student-centred learning is highly-emphasised throughout QIU’s Pharmacy programme. We prepare our students to master communication skills, teamwork, leadership skills, presentation skills, confidence building, time management and evidence-based learning.

We provide one of the most holistic and extensive pharmacy degree programmes in Malaysia. Join us and fulfil your full potential.

Professor Datuk Dr. Allan Mathews
To be a progressive and innovative leader in pharmaceutical education, research and in the development of quality pharmacy graduates with a life-long learning mind-set in Malaysia and beyond.
  • To develop pharmacy graduates, through a balanced program of education to practise in the hospitals, health centres, pharmaceutical industry, community pharmacy, academia and other practice areas.
  • To nurture IT proficient and committed pharmacy graduates.
  • To equip pharmacy graduates with excellent communication skills and other soft skills in order to practise effectively in the real world.
  • To inculcate high ethical standards and ‘serve the community ‘mentality within the pharmacy graduates.
  • To be committed towards training and capacity building of faculty and staff for attaining high standards of teaching and research excellence.
  • To inculcate the life-long learning mind-set.

Core Values


    We extend respect to all persons irrespective of race, culture and creed.


    We value professionalism, individual integrity, ethics and take ownership and responsibility for ensuring quality of practice.


    We encourage creativity to support innovation.


    We seek to create an atmosphere for meaningful collaborations and relationships to ensure inclusiveness, adaptability and flexibility.


    We strive to achieve, through continuous quality improvement, the highest quality and standards in all our endeavours.

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