Double Success: FOM Students Win Second Place at Nat’l Intervarsity Surgical Competition and Publish Paper in Tier-One Journal

Great news comes in pairs, and we’re happy to bring you two more triumphs from our stellar doctors-to-be in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FOM)!

The first success came from our team of five MBBS students who entered the National Intervarsity Surgical Competition (NISC 2022), organised by the Malaysian Students’ Surgical Society.

Ng Sim Yie, Elden Oswald a/l Joseph William, Ong Chein Wei, Elaine Goh Wan Qi, and Jasdeep Singh carried the QIU torch into the challenging, hard-fought competition.

How do we know it was tough? Well, there were 47 other participants from 14 public and private institutions like University Malaya, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, International Medical University Malaysia, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia, and Monash University Malaysia!

And after a fantastic battle, our own Ng Sim Yie came out with a stunning second-place finish.

The NISC 2022 is a national academic competition that tests medical students on knowledge of general surgery, paediatric surgery, orthopaedic, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, as well as obstetrics and gynaecology.

All our QIU participants performed incredibly and represented us with distinction.

“It was a wonderful opportunity for us as medical students to apply our surgical knowledge, as well as to use this as a platform to communicate with medical students from different universities,” said Sim Yie.

Of course, that wasn’t the only success to come out of our Faculty of Medicine.

Fellow MBBS student Chooi Wen Han doubled the joyous news, as his paper Vaccine contamination: Causes and control was published in Vaccine—a Tier-One medical journal indexed by SCOPUS.

To make the achievement even more significant, Wen Han’s co-authors are all renowned academics from medical universities in Singapore, Australia, Brunei and Malaysia!

The paper deals with the understanding of vaccine manufacturing, quality control, incident investigation and pharmacovigilance and how to minimise vaccine contamination.

Wen Han’s work is yet another example of how QIU’s students carry out research that is relevant to the questions and challenges in society today.

This isn’t his first big publication either, as he co-authored another article with fellow coursemate Shermaine Yee, titled “COVID 19: The safety profile of common disinfectants used for sanitization” in May 2021.

Shermaine and Wen Han’s article was published in the Progress in Drug Discovery & Biomedical Science (PDDBS) journal, highlighting the health risks associated with the misuse of sanitisers and their efficacy.

Congratulations all around to our excellent MBBS students! Keep making us proud!


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