Dr Ramachandran a/l Vengrasalam

Senior Lecturer – School of Postgraduates


  • Doctor of Education (Ed.D
  • M.Science (Human Resource
  • Development)
  • B.Agricultural Science
  • Dip. Ed (TESL)

Teaching & Research Experience:

  • 25 years as Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education
    Institutes, Ministry of Education
  • 5 years as Academic Teacher in secondary schools

Research Interest

  • Pedagogical Action Research
  • Quantitative Research in Education
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Education

Teaching Interests

  • Quantitative Research Methods in Education
  • Action Research in Education
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Education

Journals and Proceedings

  1. The Effects of Performance Assessment on Students’ Self-Regulated Learning and Motivation in Technical Education - International Conference on Assessment for Higher Education Across Domains and Skills 2013.
  2. The Effects of Problem-Based Learning on Students’ Performance in Technical Education of Bachelor of Teaching- Seminar Penyelidikan Pensyarah IPGKTHO 2013.
  3. The Effects of Performance Assessment on Student Achievement of Bachelor of Teaching Programme- International Conference on Measurement and Evaluation in Education at USM 2011.
  4. Handbook PISMP curriculum collaboration programme Ministry of Education and Canterbury Christchurch University,UK 2010.
  5. Participative decision making among Malaysian school teachers 2002.
  6. Grammar Games - Recipe for fun and meaningful ESL teaching 2020.
  7. Editor for Journal CERANA 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  8. Chief Editor of Journal DEDIKASI IPGK Ipoh 2015.
  9. Secretariat International Conference on Education and Teacher Development IPG Kampus Ipoh 2019.

Chapter in book

  1. Technology in Malaysian Primary Schools –International Handbook of Primary Technical Education, United Kingdom, 2011.

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