Dr. Ng Mei Leng

Associate Professor and Head of School of Hospitality


  • Ba. Food & Accommodation Studies, Leeds Beckett University (1984)
  • Master Of Education (Curriculum Studies), Deakin University (2001)
  • PhD In Human Science, Oklahoma State University (2013)

Teaching and Research Experience:

  • Omnibus Survey of tourists’ dining out experiences at Hong Kong’s eating and drinking places and perceptions of Hong Kong as a gourmet paradise.
  • Consultancy project to evaluate visitors’ perception and satisfaction towards food and beverage services and facilities at Ocean Park
  • Consultancy project to design and develop post-secondary Diploma Programme in Hospitality Management for Guilin’s Institute of Tourism and to conduct teacher training workshops

Research Interest

  •  Behavioral Sciences in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Contemporary Issues in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Food and Beverage Trends and Sustainable Development
  • Higher Education Development and Quality Assurance

Teaching Interests

  • Hospitality Service, Food and Beverage
  • Management, Food Culture and Gastronomy

  • Subject Specialist for HKCAAVQ

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  • Ng, M.L., and Tse, P.S.M. (2004). An exploratory study of food safety in small to medium food service establishments in HKSAR. In Chon. K., Hsu, C., and Okamoto, N. (Ed.), Asia Pacific Tourism Association Tenth Annual Conference. Nagasaki, Japan. Globalization and Tourism Research: East meets West. v.10. pp.118 – 126.

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