6th Convocation Ceremony 2022

Table of Contents


We have prepared a video that shows you what to do on the day of your convocation. This video covers: 

  • Things to remember before the convocation
  • Academic dress collection
  • Dress codes for graduands and guests 
  • How to wear your academic dress
  • What to do after arriving at the convocation hall
  • Protocol in the convocation hall
  • Collecting your scroll on stage
  • What not to do on stage
  • Returning your academic dress

All graduands should watch this video so you can understand and adhere to the protocol. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Life Division: sld@qiu.edu.my


Dress Code (Graduands)

Graduands must adhere to the following dress code:

Male Graduands 

Graduands must be dressed in formal attire:

  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Dark-coloured ties
  • Black trousers
  • Formal shoes (no sandals, open-toed shoes and sports shoes are allowed)

Female graduands 

Graduands must be dressed in formal attire:

  • Baju kurung
  • Long dresses
  • Long skirts (hemlines must reach the ankles)
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Sarees
  • Formal shoes


Dress Code (Guests)

Guests must also adhere to a formal dress code for the convocation ceremony. This especially applies to guests who will be entering the convocation hall. 

Male Guests

  • National attire/Batik
  • Formal wear/lounge suit

Guests are not allowed to wear jeans and t-shirts.

Female Guests

  • National attire
  • Formal clothing

Guests are not allowed to wear:

  •  Gowns or short skirts (above the knee)
  •  Sleeveless blouses 
  •  T-shirts and jeans
  • Shorts

Guests who are not entering the convocation hall must still adhere to the RPGC dress code:

  • No slippers 
  • No shorts
  • No round-neck T-shirts. They must be collared.



Graduands and guests are allowed to park at the RPGC. We encourage you to arrive early.

If parking spots are limited, you may park at QIU’s campus, where a shuttle will be available to transport you to the convocation hall.

Please follow the instructions of the RELA and QIU officers on duty.


Ceremony Etiquette

COVID-19 Protocol

In line with the current guidelines put in place by the Malaysian government, all attendees must wear face masks when they are indoors. We also encourage all attendees and guests to perform COVID-19 tests before the event, to ensure that they test negative for the virus. 

Confirmed POSITIVE cases will NOT be allowed to enter the convocation hall. 

Standard Protocol 

  • Graduands must obey the instructions of the convocation organisers throughout the ceremony. 
  • Alcohol and/or controlled substances are prohibited.
  • Guests should arrive at least 1 hour before they are scheduled to enter the convocation hall. Please refer to your session schedule. 
  • Mute/Silence cell phones, and other devices during the ceremony.
  • Please refrain from shouting or creating any inappropriate disruption during the ceremony. 
  • Scan your unique QR code beside the stage. Wait for your name to be called. 
  • You will scan your QR code with your phone. Once you’ve finished scanning, keep your phone in your pocket and walk toward the stage. 
  • We encourage you to wear clothes with pockets. If you are unable to do so, our staff will help you keep your phone safe while you collect your scroll. You may collect it when you return to your seat.
  • When collecting your scroll from the Guest of Honour, here’s what you have to do:
    • Walk directly to your mark on stage
    • Stop at your mark
    • Bow (not too low, to avoid your mortarboard falling off)
    • Collect your scroll
    • Pose for your photograph
    • Thank the guest of honour
    • Proceed to leave the stage
  • You are not allowed to:
    • Dance/perform any gestures 
    • Take selfies
    • Shake hands/physically interact with any of the guests on stage, due to physical distancing guidelines
    • Remove your facemask
    • Swing or juggle your scroll
    • Any other inappropriate behaviour/disruptions

Please refer to the video above for more details.


Professional Photography Services

A professional photography service will be available outside the convocation hall. This service will be available in addition to the complimentary “on-stage” photographs given to all graduands.