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The 4-year Bachelor of Pharmacy Programme will train undergraduates in basic medical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences and patient-focused sciences as well as pharmacy practice areas.

Skills required of a pharmacist will be acquired via lectures, tutorials, laboratory work, problem-based learning and clinical clerkship as well as attachments to practice areas such as community pharmacy, industry pharmacy and hospitals. In hospitals, the pharmacist’s role includes patient-based clinical services.



Have you always dreamed of experiencing August university life in the United States? Perhaps even getting a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and starting a career there? QIU’s Pharmacy bridge programme is your chance to make it a reality.

QIU has joined forces with Pacific University, Oregon, USA to create a path for undergraduate students to pursue guaranteed conditional admissions at the Pacific University’s School of Pharmacy.


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Pharmacy is an evolving profession with a major shift towards patient care, where the pharmacist’s role is in pharmacotherapy and the ensuring of the achievement of therapeutic end-points. We at QIU envision our graduates to be prepared for pharmacy practice in the industry, which includes pharmaceutical quality assurance, community pharmacy, research and development of drugs and pharmacy management.

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Obtained Excellent Status and Maximum Period of Full Accreditation by the Malaysian Pharmacy Board and Malaysian Qualifications Agency

Extensive and real world holistic Pharmacy programme

Unrivalled level of comprehensive experiential learning in all practice areas

20 weeks of attachment training in hospital/clinical, community pharmacy and industrial pharmacy - 14 weeks longer than the mandated period

160 credit hours of top-quality holistic education in 4 years - the highest in any Malaysian Pharmacy programme


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The Pacific University PharmD programme is fully accredited by the American Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. Participants in these programmes will receive guaranteed conditional admissions to Pacific University’s School of Pharmacy’s PharmD programme, pending completion of bridge programme requirements. Pacific University is a private university in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA. Founded in 1849 as the Tualatin Academy, the university’s original Forest Grove campus is 23 miles west of Portland.



On successful completion of the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) Programme, students need to undergo a one-year housemanship and pass a pharmacy law examination before being registered as a pharmacist and given an annual practising licence.

Students are also required to complete 1 year of compulsory service with the government. A registered pharmacist practices mainly in academia, research, hospitals, community pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry, the military and the veterinary industry.  A pharmacist can specialise in many areas such as Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Operations, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

The QIU Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) programme will inculcate you with the desire for life-long learning and equip you with the knowledge, skills, attitude and experience to become an expert in all aspects of medicines.