Foundation in Business Freshmen Thrilled with Peer Support Activity


University can be a challenging time for anyone. And sometimes, all we need is a little help from our friends.

To help our Foundation in Business freshmen (Semester 1) students adjust to the exciting new world of university, we got their seniors (Semester 3) students to share their experiences and guide their new colleagues in a fun, informal meet-up.

This Peer Support Activity saw the students divided into smaller breakout groups, where they chatted about anything and everything about their university life.

It also allowed the freshies to learn about navigating university life from their peers and get emotional support from the get-go of their transition from high school life to young adult learning. But don’t take our word for it—listen to what the students say:

Rithika Devmith Hettiaratchy        

Seniors (third semester students) with experience tend to know more about a subject as they have been doing it longer than us. This bonding session with them personally helped me in making new friends and knowing more about the university as I’m an International student. This activity gave me multiple benefits and made me feel welcomed.

Yeoh Joey

The activity was about sharing ideas and bonding between Semester 1 and Semester 3 students. I learnt a lot about my course and subjects and my seniors shared tips on how to score for my assessments and exams. It was beneficial because I got to meet new friends who can help me a lot throughout my Foundation studies. I feel connected and welcomed now.

Anis Sofillea binti Mohd Isa

“I was lucky enough to join the Foundation in Business’ Peer Support Activity, which is about the interaction between the seniors sharing their experience and helping the juniors who are still unfamiliar with the university’s life. I learned a lot about my programme because I asked some questions regarding the assignments and examination.”

”The seniors helped me in knowing more about the university and made me feel welcome—they were kind and patient in answering our questions. I’m so happy that the university organised this programme for us because it helped us feel engaged especially during these online learning sessions.”



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