Mr. Muhammad Hakeem Bin Omar

Lecturer – School of Computing


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial ScienceUniversiti Teknologi Mara, Shah Alam, Malaysia
  • Diploma in Quantitative Science, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Segamat, Johor, Malaysia

Teaching & Research Experience:

  • National Institutes of Health
    (April 2021 – Present )
    Industry: Health
    Position Title: National Health Morbidity Survey 2021 as Personal MySTEPWork Description :
    i. Collecting data, sorting, analyse and making a random sample size by the data provided for each
    state using excel VBA to make sure it represents the whole state.
    ii. Assist in the preparation of materials for survey activities. Such as Publicity, Graphics and design.
    iii. Conduct editorial work for modules, manuals, and questionnaires.


  • University Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
    (August 2018 – Sept 2020)
    Industry: Education
    Position Title: Research Assistant (August 2018 – March 2020)Work Description :
    i. As data collection at Clinical Research Centre, Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah by using VBA in
    Microsoft Excel, total of more than 600,000 data (July 2020 – September 2020)
    ii. Research Assistant for a project “Utility Theory with Multiple Health States Actuarial Model for
    Insurance Valuation” (August 2019 – March 2020)
    iii. Research Assistant for a project Estimating “The Monetary and Insurance Value of Private Annuity

  • Products in Malaysia” (August 2018 – March 2019)
    Position Title : UiTM Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (UPTA) (September 2018 – January 2020)
    Work Description: Teaching experience in the following subjects for the Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Actuarial Science: Financial Mathematics, Pension Mathematics and Actuarial Practice.


  • University Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Segamat, Johor, Malaysia
    2013 – 2014
    Industry: Education
    Position Title : UiTM Teaching Assistant (3 Semester: 2013 – 2014)Work Description :
    Teaching experience in the following subjects for the Diploma: Calculus I, Calculus II, and Calculus III.

Research Interest

  • Morbidity and mortality risk
  • Healthy Life Expectancy

Teaching Interests

  • Financial Math
  • Stochastic Modelling
  • Pension Math
  • Actuarial Math
  • Actuarial Programming (Excel VBA)

  1. Muhammad Hakeem Omar, Nurin Haniah Asmuni, Sharifah Nazatul Shima (2018). Healthy Life
    Expectancy Vs Health Expenditure by Sullivan Method in Malaysia. (3Rd International Conferences
    on Advance in Mathematics, Power and Energy, 24 November 2018, Melaka, Malaysia).
    Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  2. Muhammad Hakeem Omar, Syazreen Niza Shair, Nurin Haniah Asmuni (2019). Lung Cancer
    Transition Rate by Stages Using Discrete Time Markov Model. (2019 International Conference on
    Advances in Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences (RAECAS2019), 30 November 2019 – 1
    December 2019, HIG Hotel Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia). Indonesian Journal of Electrical
    Engineering and Computer Science

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