Prof. Abd. Rahman Md. Said

Faculty of Medicine


  • Ph.D. in molecular biotechnology. Univ. of Strath. Glasg. U.K., 1979.
  • BSc. in Biochemistry , University of Malaya, 1975.

Teaching & Research Experience:

  • A multidisciplinary scientist with a Ph.D. in molecular biotechnology.
  • Have performed due diligence for investors, companies and the  government of Malaysia.
  • Consultant in clinical biochemistry.
  • Experienced in industrial research and products development.
  • Consultant in Health and Wellness programs. Experienced in giving talks , organising  seminars and wellness programs for public and government organisations.
  • Consultant in study skills and smart learning programs for schools and colleges.
  • Experienced in conducting motivation and team building programmes for government departments and universities.

  • SERUM  LEVELS  OF  SEX  STEROIDS  IN  CARCINOMA  BREAST  OF  LIBYAN WOMEN. A. Jarari, J. Peela, S. Shakila, A. Said, L. Peela, R.Shembesh, S. Alsoaeiti, E. Hayam  ,  M.  Kadeer,  N. Jarari. IFCC  WORLDLAB  ISTANBUL 2014 22nd  Interna-tional  Congress  of  Clinical  Chemistry  and  Laboratory  Medicine  (IFCC  Worldlab 2014) 22nd  Balkan  Clinical  Laboratory  Federation  Meeting  (BCLF 2014)  26th  National  Con-gress of the Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS 2014).
  • HOMOCYSTEINE,  AN  EARLY  PREDICTOR  OF  CARDIOVASCULAR  RISK  IN TYPE2  DIABETES  MELLITUS.N.  Naseb,  J.  Peela,  S.  Shakila,  A. R. Said,  L.  Peela, R.Yedla. IFCC WORLDLAB  ISTANBUL 2014 22nd  International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC Worldlab 2014) 22nd Balkan Clinical Labor-atory Federation Meeting (BCLF 2014) 26th National Congress of the Turkish Biochem-ical Society (TBS 2014).
  • Serum FSH, LH and Prolactin levels in Benign and Malignant Breast Disorders in Libyan women. S. ShakilaJ. R. Peela,         A. R. Said, H. Beloch, S. Nang, L. T. Peela, A. M. Jarari,  S.  O.  Alsaeoti,  H.  El  Awamy,  F.  Elshaari,  N.  M.  Jarari,  M.  J.  Kadeer. Indo-Global Health care summit,Innovations and advances. Hotel Taj Krishna and Taj Deccan, 20-22 June 2014 event organized by Indus Health care and Indian Medical Association.
  • ROLE  OF  HbA1C  AND  MICROALBUMINURIA  AS  EARLY  MARKERS  OF NEPHROPATHY IN TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUS .Nura Naseb Mohamed,1,, Khalid ,Saleh  Gharib2,,  Shakila  Srikumar3,,  Peela  Jagannadha  Rao,3 Abd  Rahaman  Said,Peela Laxmi  Teja4. and    Yedla  Ramesh  Naidu.Indo-Global  Health  care  summit,Innovations and  advances.  Hotel  Taj  Krishna  and  Taj  Deccan,  20-22  June 2014 event  organized by Indus Health care and Indian Medical Association.
  • Cystatin c as biomarker for Coronary Artery Disease patients in southern India.  J. R. Peela1, S. P2,  R.  Kondreddy2,  V.  Madrol2,  S.  J.  Dhoipode1,  S.  Shakila1,  H.  M.  Beloch1,  A.  M.  Jarari3, L.T.Peela4.Abd Rahman SaidPresented1  in AACC annual meeting,Chicago,USA  held during 27-31 July 2014.
  • Circulating tumor markers of benign and malignant disorders of breast in Libya. J. R. Peela1, S. Shakila1, S. J. Dhoipode2,    A. R. Said1, H. Beloch2, S. Nang2, L. T. Peela3, A. M. Jarari4, S.O. Al-saeoti5, H. El Awamy4, F. Elshaari4, N. M. Jarari6, M. J. Kadeer4. Presented  in AACC annual meeting,Chicago,USA  held during 27-31 July 2014.
  • Correlation between glycated hemoglobin and serum lipids in type 2 diabetics in eastern libya. N. Naseb1, A. R. Said2,  S. Shakila2, S. D. Kolla3, L. T. Peela4, S. J. Dhoipode2, J. R. Peela2. Presented  in AACC annual meeting,Chicago,USA  held during 27-31 July 2014.
  • Patterns of Antihypertensive Drugs: A Review of Literature. Wulfenia Journal, Landesmuseum Karnten, Musseumgasse, Klagenfurt, Austria, A-9021. (March, 2015)

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