Breathtaking Biz! QIU Foundation in Business Students Sweep Inter-University Challenge Top 3

They may only be only at the start of their business careers, but our Foundation in Business students are already building a championship mentality!

Three of QIU’s Foundation in Business (FIB) students swept the top three spots in the “Business Idea and Poster Challenge” at the recent Empower Yourself Virtual Week, organised by UTAR’s Centre for Foundation Studies. 

Ee Yung Jian was named champion, while Jessie Low Zhi Ying and Wong Rork Xuan rounded out the top 3. Nine of the ten finalists in the Business Idea and Poster category came from QIU. 

The invitational event, involving QIU and UTAR, challenged participants to submit an initial business proposal. Shortlisted candidates would then battle for the spoils by submitting a digital poster and a 5-minute proposal presentation. 

Our team’s achievement was especially impressive as it was their first time joining an inter-university competition. All three winners noted that their triumphs were one of the highlights of their foundation experience.

What They Said:

“It was a great platform to showcase my editing skills and knowledge. The judges gave some invaluable feedback that will help me improve as well,” said Yung Jian.

Jessie agreed, adding: “I learned how to edit videos and make posters more attractive. I think it helped contribute toward my first-year foundation experience. I’m really grateful to QIU for giving me the chance to win the 1st runner up prize.”

Meanwhile, Rork Xuan said her third-place finish took her by surprise, calling it a memorable experience. 

” I never thought that I could join this type of competition because I wasn’t confident in myself.  But I encouraged myself to just do my best, and I was thrilled with the result.

 “I learned so much, especially from the other participants’ ideas. It was a memorable experience in my Foundation life so thank you to my lecturers and QIU for the chance. I’d love to join more inter-university competitions.”

Congratulations to all of our winners and finalists for making us so proud once again! 


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